Once upon a song

it started with a song that mirrors the tragic state that we were in.

well, i’ve been afraid of changin’
cause i’ve built my life around you
but time makes you bolder
children get older
and i’m getting older too

we were bound by our pain and our questions.

oh, mirror in the sky, what is love
can the child within my heart rise above
can i sail through the changing ocean tides
can i handle the seasons of my life

we joked about a crying meet up. which we took seriously and actually met! the irony of it all is that we didn't even shed one single tear that time. we were shy, hesitant, and i was embarrassingly late. sorry. perfection takes time. hehe.

i have long ago stopped making expectations when meeting someone for the first time. we were so consumed with each's agony that we didn't even ask how each looks like. and you know what, am glad we didn't. you were such a nice surprise with your long hair, dainty blouse, warm presence and sweet, unassuming smile. so sweet i can taste it in my mind. thank you for being my beautiful, tragic soul. pasensya na, misery loves company daw e. hehe.

what was it that they say? people come to you when you are ready for them or when you need them. i must have been so needy then because fate sent you to me despite unusual circumstance. i didn't tell my closest friends my trials then. it was such a life changing struggle that it had to be someone anonymous before i can open up.

you were the anonymous that mattered to me the most then. and am blessed that we're far from strangers now. very blessed because you likewise shared the story of your heart. thank you for the gift of trust.

tragedy can make or break a person. it can kill or leave one paralyzed for life, either physically or emotionally. once upon a song, i was like that. until Anonymous came along to save me.

to A&A, Happy Landslide Anniversary! =)

“Disaster is a natural part of my evolution.
Toward tragedy and dissolution.”

Chuck Palahniuk, American freelance Journalist, Satirist and Novelist


Stilettista said...

This is beautiful. A similar thing happened to me recently only there was no hesitation. We talked like old friends despite knowing each other just hours before the meet-up, strangers who knew each other so well, bound by a shared misery. Wish I can someday say 'happy anniversary' too. :)

firewomyn said...

@Stilletista - thank you! :) actually, it's happy friendship anniversary :) nice blog you have and you look great too! :)

Stilettista said...

Still, it's pretty sweet. :) Ako lang itong out of the abundance of the heart (or lack thereof), the mouth speaks. :)

Got a face to match that sexy nape? (Ikaw ba yan?) So I can return the compliment?