part of me just died

Let us pause for a moment and pray for the repose of my toes. I wore my 5k worth of new stilettos today and they crushed my pedicured toes to death! I don't understand. I tested the shoes and they were comfy, yet when I wore them and walked on pavements and used it for a good nine hours, it felt like I hired a toe killer for a fee of 5k. 

Did I mention I also ran in them because my guy ofcmates decided to just walk back to the office from lunch while it's drizzling?! Of course am such a trooper that I just endured it all. Now am convinced "killer heels" isn't just a metaphor. And this also puts a whole new meaning to the statement, "part of me just died". I think this is what people call nowadays, tiis-ganda!   groans. 

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Anonymous said...

Condolence to the pitiful toes... but once you break the 5 inches threshold, you'll want more! - J (stiletto adik)