Train Crush 21 - Revisited

Remember Train Crush 21? Well, a reader, mistook me for another blogger and gave this comment -
Anonymous said...

Hello Lara,

I've been reading your blog for about 7 years now. I came across your Train Crush 21 post just now and just so you know, I know that girl in the picture! Her name is Xiomara 'Mara' Chang. Her family lives in (yes, 'inside') the Chinese cemetery in Caloocan. She does part-time modeling.


Best regards,

**first off, am not Lara. she is another blogger who uses the nick firewomyn. I didn't know of her until a girl did the same mistaken identity to me. that girl later became my gf, and ex, and introduced me to the other firewomyn. neat yeah? her blog is this: firewomyn.tumblr.com**

Serenity then REVEALED (last year I think) that Train Crush 21 is actually a real model! GASP! Surreal i know! 

So before I post new train crushes, let me indulge in revisiting Train Crush 21, aka Xiomara.

B-E-H-O-L-D !!!!!


tcf said...

akalain mo nga naman! WOW!

o where are the rest? :p

Stilettista said...

I don't normally go for femmes but oh yeah, this girl has that vulnerable doe-eyed, come-hither look that wouldn't be able to help but (shift gears) and do the chasing. Hihihihi!

Anonymous said...

ayos ah. Celebrity si ati. :)-g

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm... pretty! Ako pwedeng mag-apply na train crush??? I can ride the train. @ tata - lika train tayo! Hahaha - J

NYnewlywed said...

Lara is my friend too :) We were in UP Sappho together. Love, your NY Newlywed :)

Stilettista said...

'@tata - lika train tayo! Hahaha - J'

feeling ko ako 'to! (feeling lang) hahahaha! Miss na kita, Fire. Magparamdam ka! :)

firewomyn said...

@TCF - hay, new work and the crushing commute zaps all the energy in me :( but am slowly getting my groove and can hopefully blog regularly again. =)

@Stilletista - let's meet! you have loads of stories to share abt your love :) VERY happy for you mare! *hugs*

@G - i know! lucky me :)

@J - if only you're out, i would post your pic too ;)

@@Newlywed - wow, small world! i owe you the wedding piece. *pressured!*