the Leap that Lifts

i had to pause for a moment to let it all sink. a friend of mine made The LEAP. literally and figuratively. at first, i replied to the news like any good news. but after sending my reply email, the magnitude of what they did, slowly sunk in my busy head. in between projects and timelines, mygawd! THEY DID IT! a lesbian i personally know really, legally, got married! W-O-W! overwhelming. geez. am losing my mind. wait, lemme pick up my scattered brain. she was kind enough to email me about it for I haven't checked fb in a loong while. =)

theirs was a decade-long life of love and all the challenges that go with relationships. they're both amazing, talented, smart, cool, and beautiful. how good can it get right? I only have one selfish thought, that I could also have what they have. =)

when I saw their private wedding pictures, i was awashed with tears and joy.  no eloquence of big, flowery words needed. they are happy.

*boo-hoo! sniff. sniff. here I go again, crying and emotional, like am the parent who gave away the bride. Haha*


no romantic movie can beat this. because this one's real. and legit. i cannot stress it enough. two wonderful filipino womyn i know got legally married to each other. the world suddenly feels right. and i am happy. =)

theirs also go with a cool soundtrack =)

*i have peppered this post with smileys if you notice. 
happiness cannot be contained. 
it bursts!*

Thank You for the Inspiration! =)


NY :D said...

Thanks for the beautiful post! Who would have thought we'd see this in our lifetimes? :D

It would make the jaded believe! :p

Anonymous said...

Wow! Kainggit naman sana kami din ni gf. Congratulations NY! :) Thank you fire for sharing! Lalo ako nainspire.

firewomyn said...

@NY - words sometimes are not enough, but i tried. thanks for the appreciation. =) i am the jaded who became a believer. one of the reasons why at times i wana live overseas and leave everything behind, to live a life that's free and deserving.

firewomyn said...

@Anonymous - true! super tulo laway kainggit! hehe. i wish you and your gf the best! :) sana tayo rin umabot sa ganun no? :)