working girl

hay, been super busy at work. and also with potential new work! yey! dahil dyan kaya hindi ko man lang namalayan si miriam bible quiambao. hehe.

wish me luck on my interview this friday! it's a corporate conservative kinda company. the requirement is hardware, my experience is software. am banking on my project management certification and fab power outfits. hehehe. bought interview outfits. still need to buy shoes! :) am excited. one of the dresses i bought looks something below, only tighter and sleeveless and no flower pin.

the interviewer is a male foreigner. i will still do a crash course on hardware stuff. i know a few, but not enough i think. anyhoo, the 2nd outfit i bought is similar to this. afterwards, i realized i lean towards black or gray. so will get some dash of color thru the jacket.

i have a meeting with my boss on thu. been itching to tell her of my employment options. but everyone's telling me not to for my own self interest. i told her about it last year. but we didn't touch on it again. i feel guilty as it is somehow. so wish me luck again on this one! :)


summerstar said...

break a leg fire! yakang yaka mo yan. =)

Joy said...

love the first outfit! sooo fab!

Anonymous said...

break a leg fire. Hit it!


firewomyn said...

@summerstar - thank you! :)ayun, buo pa naman legs ko. haha.

@Joy - thanks! love it too and wore it in the interview :)

@hoyden - kinaya naman. :) thanks for the support.