prelude to v day

once you declare you're ready for love,
you should also be prepared to hurt, even bleed.
just as love can lift you to the ninth heavens,
so can it throw you down to the pits of misery.

how does one then protect the self from this eventuality?

you don’t! you can’t.

you just allow yourself to go through the experience, the cycle,
in order to rightfully say, “i have truly loved.”

if you think by controlling/withholding your feelings
so you won’t fall/hurt too deeply,
you won’t hurt that bad,

think again.

though it can be true.
but you have shortchanged yourself
of fully experiencing love in the most profound way.
that which enriches the self.

and i say that’s wasting opportunity.

love doesn’t happen to everybody.

if it comes, might as well accept it with open arms
and succumb to its will,
otherwise, you’ll lose it
or you’ll get lost.
either way,
you’ve missed something.

so might as well, have a taste of love.
if it’s not meant or reciprocated,
there’ll be a bitter aftertaste,
one that can make you reject future servings of love.

but if you relish on the sweet taste of it,
how it mixes with your saliva,
how it plays with your tongue,
how it goes in between your teeth
and how it smoothly slides your throat
down to your stomach,
you’ll feel a settling fullness,

ah! am sure you won’t get enough of this
so called love!

you’ll keep asking for more.

and i, intend to have my full share!

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