for the womyn i like

this is for the womyn i like.

i have always considered myself an outspoken womyn.
speaks my mind if i feel like saying so,
ready to stand for what i believe in,
much more for what i strongly feel for.
i am assertive, aggressive even.
there has been several instances where i was the one who pursued another.
i am impatient.
i'd most often played it fast.
i have little time for pleasantries and the prolonging of the getting to know thing.

but for all the brazenness that i have,
you leave me uncertain.

for all the witty lines i can think of to say,
you leave me speechless.

for all the urge i feel to touch just an inch of your skin,
you leave me frozen.

for all the experiences i gained,
you leave me unprepared.

all you have to do is be there for me to see.
it doesn't matter if you're frowning or smiling,
standing or sitting,
silent or animated.

all you have to do is to text.
just a hi or a smiley emoticon,
just a missed call,
what more if i'm able to talk to you.

all that needs be is for you to enter my thoughts,
and i can't help but smile and feel tingly all over.
it's like high school crush all over again.

to think that i didn't even like you at first.
but then you have your way.
you kinda grow on me.
in between the kwentos, the drinks, the waiting, the asaran and the gimiks,
something happened.

magic siguro. :)

what happened to me because of you is still shrouded with mystery.
i don't even know if you're aware that i like you this much.

what made you so different?
why have i become different?

aah, that entitles a separate blog entry i guess.

the height of this non-expression due to automatic paralysis everytime you're near is this very entry in my blog.

and since everytime the topic is about you, the womyn i like,
you leave me unable, thus I can't finish this piece.

grrr.... angtorpe ko! kainis!

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