it's so damn cold in my ofc that i can hardly keep a straight back. summer has officially ended. sigh.

ive been so restless these past days, even now.
i dunno what's happening. my feet's itching to go out
and my throat's drying of liquor thirst.

whattafuck is wrong with me.
im totally demotivated.
i had this all time high last week.
i think i was superb at work then!

come fri night and sat of non-stop fun,
then sun of boredom.

mon, and im moping.
tue, definitely lethargic.
wed, brooding.
thur, no improvement.

the only salvation is mangupal ng ibang tao,
mang-asar and mambulabog.

da height of decadence!
how do i shake out of this non-productiveness?
save me pls.

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