a-MUSE me

i'm so distant.
i care but i don't love.
my heart is as cold as the typhoon wind,
as artificial as the aircon chill.
i work but i'm not inspired.
i'm sad, but i can't cry.
i laugh, but it sounds hollow.
i look but i don't really see.
i'm lost, but i'm not worried.
so this is what mere existence means.
i'm detached.
nothing affects me right now.
no imprint.
no impact.
everything fleeting.
i don't feel real anymore.
food has no taste.
people are just nameless faces.
pain has no feel.
suddenly, there is no meaning.
nothing makes sense.
i'm tired, burned out even.
but then who cares?
i don't.

i am musing without a muse.
a-muse me.

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