love, more or lez

everybody's hurting these days. so sad.
there's always just momentary happiness or should i say bouts of joy, then kaputz!
gone that fast!
even the ones you thought were perfect for each other and exudes of a lasting love is bound to be tested.

maybe lasting love is a myth.
something we would like to believe so as to make us move on
or to give meaning in our existence.

my college professor lent me a book before and it says, Love Doesn't Exist, only self interest.

it totally demystified love and downsized it to self-interest.

i theoretically adhered to it for a long time.
and had fun spitting it out to the romantics and the hopefuls.

but at the end of the day, we all want to love and hopefully be loved.

even the most jaded in us longs for love.

i'm an idealistic person and it shatters me to accept the emotional shifts happening everywhere.

but we all have to survive.

it's always a struggle to love and make things work.
a daily battle which we either win or lose.

so i have a new philosophy.
i know for a fact that love exists.
it's in my every blood vessel and i can't let a psychologist tell me otherwise when it is something that has constantly been true for me.

i'd rather say, lasting love with the same partner doesn't exist.
love is here for all eternity.
but maintaining that same love with the same partner, that is a next to impossible task.

in the end, what's important is that we all loved and aimed for forever.

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