an exclusive party

i am organizing an exclusive party for a balikbayan friend.

so here's my guideline on this exclusive party:

1. strictly all girls, anything that is biologically male is prohibited. i guess even transexuals too.

2. when you say party, this means, booze, or anything that has the same effect. read: alcoholic drinks.
the rise of the amats is directly proportional to the rise of the libido.

3. smoking ofcourse is optional (be it pot or otherwise). this an added excuse to do crazier stuff ;)

4. danceable, sexy, sing-able contemporary music. this is the foreplay.

5. this can be a meet our friends' friends or meet my ex-turned friend or meet my gf's ex-turned friend-turned my gf now. the lez links are so intertwined they'd resemble the pubes.

6. you should have the right mix of the beautiful/desirable, the aggressive, the entertainer, the intellectuals, the dumb/the newbies and the oc's.

7. have a few games that will involve everyone, preferrably with skin touching, like spin the bottle/truth or kiss (the opposing womyn on each end of the bottle shd kiss), body shots or strip poker (ok, that didn't have touching, but then what's next w/ the watching is up to how game you are)

8. you can rent a room depending on the size of the group or reserve a table in a bar. the more privacy, the better.

9. i hope everybody dresses up for this party. it can be themed or not.

10. if you bring couples in exclusive parties, they will create a subset of exclusivity, meaning they're exclusive to each other only. korni!!! this creates imbalance somehow. so partners are not encouraged.

that's all i've thought of so far for this sat's parteh :)

any other ideas??


peanut butter said...

ay wawa naman di kasama mga partners.har har har. uhmmm, sige secret na lang para di nila alam punta mga gurls...hehehe.when is it gonna be?

AKILEZ said...

There will also be another room full of Men,,,I mean real Men (including me) w/ their own party but prohibited from going to the other room with the Lessie. but lesbian are allowed to be with the Men.

Comments above is from a Man who is curious about Lessies but not to think of it as a perverted way.


AKILEZ said...

is that your real Picture?

kitkat said...

hhmmmm ayus ah ..no comment actually all mentioned already hehehe