lost and found

stuff i found out (abt myself) on losing and getting lost...

some things are meant to be lost.
try as you might to keep them,
if it's not yours to keep or own,
then it's bound to be gone.

i hate losing!!!

but i just have to move on and learn the lesson that nothing really is for keeps.
therefore there is no use being attached to things,
only to be shattered after.

damn! i hate losing!!!

come to think of it, those who get left behind also end up being lost :(

there is this sinking feeling.
to grasp on that which is no longer there.
familiarity is a killer.
it will force you to long for that which you lost even though your mind knows that it is gone. and it is futile.

familiarity truly breeds contempt (okay, i'm twisting the meaning, but i don't fuckin' care!)
i hate familiarity!

it is this same familiarity that is essential so as not to be lost.
**which i already stated can't be controlled**

if you're so used to something and you know it in and out, then the chance of getting lost is slim.

atleast that's what others say.
w/c i don't necessarily have to believe on.

but i realized :
a. there's no shortcut to the right path. oftentimes, you really have to get lost in order to find the right way.
a.1. the road to enlightenment is under construction.

b. and only when you lose something do you find out that you can live without them.

my sob the stories:
1. the thing is, i lost my stylus (the second one) today :(
friday, i lost my first stylus, but found it also after a few hours. then saturday, i lost it again and didn't find it anymore. waaaah!
so i have a spare, but lost it after the 3rd day of use.

2. i'm furious that i got lost today by my dimwit cab driver who prolly did it intentionally to squeeze more money from me. he missed one turn which caused us to be sooo out of the way. you know how the one ways work in makati.

to the driver, i have 3 words for you:
go to hell!!!


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