Constance McMillen - lesbian teen with a stance!

not sure if you've been abreast with how proms are done these days. well, not to my surprise, but largely to my dismay, not much has changed, until Constance took a stand.

she requested if she can wear a tuxedo and bring her gf as date. to which the school of Mississippi said NO. We say foul!

so American Civil Liberties Union was kind enough to sue the school (Itawamba County school) and required them to allow Constance her right.

the school not to be outsmart just like that, decided to cancel the prom altogether. Boo!

the teenagers partly blamed poor Constance of what happened.

the court proceeding is ongoing. see the update here: Judge hears lesbian teen's suit to force prom


"All I wanted was the same chance to enjoy my prom night like any other student," McMillen said in a statement last week. "But my school would rather hurt all the students than treat everyone fairly. This isn't just about me and my rights anymore - now I'm fighting for the right of all the students at my school to have our prom."


let's Support Constance, be a fan of her facebook page

celesbians are all out in their support too!

Wanda Sykes invited Constance and her girlfriend to attend the GLAAD awards.
Chef Cat Cora (herself a Mississippi native) issued a statement and offered to make an appearance at prom.
Ellen DeGeneres guested Constance on her show and donated $30k for her scholarship.

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