experience extraordinaire

a week ago before my birthday, i had this epiphany. i would celebrate my birthday somewhere in between art and nature.

on tuesday, my birthday, after the train ride (from Train of Thoughts), it lead me to Harbour Square. A place in between CCP and Manila Bay. So what's in between art and nature? People. Can also be commercialism. =)

Donned in my black sleeveless shirt, worn out low-waist faded gray canvas pants (been with me for like 4-6yrs already) with rips to booth, purple nails and slippers, i settled at a resto with empty chairs and table outside.

this is what i want to have on my birthday, peace and quiet, alone to enjoy my fave book of the moment, with a taste of something sweet and what-not, with sunlight and subtle breeze and multi-cultural sight of people.

i felt alive, inspired. i felt totally happy birthday. cheers to my day! =)


Anonymous said...

hey, belated happy birthday! was out of the loop and just started to read all your previous entries.. hope you had a grand time.. i like the place where you celebrated it.. used to go there myself...twisted.halo

firewomyn said...

@Twisted Halo - thanks for the belated greeting! :) yep, twas awesome, really grand. we should meet there sometime :)