Train Crush2

there's beauty in the train madness this morning. :)

she stood out literally because she's very tall. and how can anyone miss that pretty snobbish (very well entitled to it) womyn? she's beautiful, what more if she smiled right? :)

hay, another sweet ride, even though i just stood the whole time.


Lei said...

how were you able to take her picture?? did she notice? lol

Sam-Mik said...

hahaha i like this post.. i actually like reading or waiting for posts of your train crushes.. baka kasi kakilala ko :)

take care..

firewomyn said...

@Sam-Mik - thank you for the appreciation and to all the rare gems in the train. i personally dunno any of them, but had it not been "siksikan" i would have introduced myself. =)

@Lei - i'm guilty of stolen shots :( i don't think she is aware how beautiful she is much more of someone catching her beauty in lens. i use my iphone for the shoots.

_yle said...

I'm sorry for leaving a comment for a late post but I was backreading and I just have to say, she looks a bit like Olivia Wilde (third shot). :)

firewomyn said...

@_yle - hello. hey, you're right! didn't realize that till you mentioned. hope i see her again. hihihi. and thanks for the comment!