equality is next to holiness

Two flicks to see this week. i know holy week is about abstinence. and watching the two on my end is far from sacrifice. but i feel the divine presence given the timing of the screening of these two lgbt flicks. because i can feel abstinence from prejudice from mass media this holy week. equality is next to holiness =)

1. Butch - GMA 7's SRO Cinema -
excellently played by sunshine dizon. this will be shown on thursday,around 9-10pm. the story i think is about a butch raising a child as her own, after the child was abandoned by the biological mother. years later, the bio mom will claim the child and the butch mom will fight for her right as mother to the child. this surely will be intense. sunshine won a best actress award for her portrayal here sometime 2008 or 2009 i think. i failed to watch it then. so i'm blessed to see its replay this week! =) let's support this one as lesbian films/tv shows in philippine cinema comes as rare as unicorn sightings.

this is her second time to play a butch role. first one was in the film Sabel, opposite judy ann santos, where sunshine played the role of butch doctor from baguio and who saves Sabel.

she is the only contemporary female actress i know who can effectively play the butch role. who is believable. i secretly wished she truly is gay, but alas! she just got married recently, to a guy. ohwell. hope she continues to be gay-friendly.

2. I Love You Phillip Morris - see link here in my old post of it for the film details. this is now showing in SM cinemas. will try to catch it tomorrow as i've been waiting for this since last year.

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