butterflies of the past

When i first saw you, i can only think of the word "hot" to describe you. Then i quickly changed my mind and determined you're "too hot". Too hot to like me. So i contented myself to being the loser who worshiped you from afar. Butterflies galore at your every sight.

I followed you on a networking site and stared at every picture you added. I read all your posts and quickly learned that you are perfect - too hot and highly smart too. If ever i had a minutiae of an
illusion that you'll like me back, it gets crushed before i can even fool myself of such frivolity.

Years later (yes, it took me that long), i finally evolved and developed the guts to make contact and dared comment on one of your cerebral posts.

You replied! I was in heaven doing cartwheels! So i made it a point to comment at your every post. Yes, i was that obvious and i didn't care. I know you reply to everyone, you're that kind. And am that stupid to magnify a simple "thanks" to something special.

They say do what makes you happy. I did. And continued to be a grovelling fan and admired you in my own non-stalkish ways.

One day which wasn't my birthday, you called me. That day officially became my second birthday.

You said the first time you saw me, your first thought was, "she's out of my league." And has been  crushing me from afar.

My jaw dropped because i couldn't believe what i was hearing. My heart was bursting with joy! I wanted to pour out my years of admiration. But before i could open the floodgate, i was cut short. My girlfriend just arrived to pick me up. And I had to say goodbye.

You know why losers are losers? Because they accepted defeat without even trying.

because you've forgotten about me and i still remember you.


rz fortajada said...

This reminds me of my ultimate college crush. I was reading her blogs for a year and commenting anonymously, until I finally worked up the courage to add her on ym.

Anonymous said...


(oo, na speechless ako)

scout said...

FW: High five from one torpe to another. Hopefully, never again to regrets.

RZ: And then what happened? :)

Purple78 said...

Kaya idol kita eh! ;)

Anonymous said...

tsk tsk tsk... i like how you go 'bout wid the narration - w1cked

silence said...

familiar territory. ♥

firewomyn said...

Haggard sa pagkabusy! OA na. :)

@rz - at leasr am not alone :)

@borderline unfriendly - why speechless? :)

@scout - yeah. Never again :)

@purple - wag akong tularan. Hehe :)

@w1cked - thanks :)