Train Crush 14

Presenting --

Train Crush 14 - the Siren (with a hint of Cristine Reyes)

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Women and pole, they just click when together.  Specially with friction in between. Whew!

I dunno if it's the big book or the big boobs that got me palpitating. But both I admit are stimulating. Hehe.

And she keeps staring back! Makes me feel like a nervous peeping tom(boy). Dammit. I think she knows, and OMG, she doesn’t mind! As if daring me even. Which makes it more intense. If I had a wish that time, it was to be the pole she's groping.

Flimsy, loose, sleeveless top, bra strap showing, milky skin underneath - this could be a captivating hot milk poster ad. Beautiful, sexy women make my milky, err I mean, my creative juices flowing.

I think she's worn her tank top loose so that my hand can easily find its way inside, to her breast that begs to be cupped. (i know am bad. and i couldn't help it. this is actually the tamer version, bec if you'll rate my imagination, it's way past the letters R and X.)

I seriously gotta pee.

The woman beside me, directly in front of her has been frantically praying with her buddha beads. What was she praying for?

  1. Lord, is this my reward and early xmas gift? Thank you! Thank you! :)
  2. Please grant me the strength of will not to touch her legs.
  3. Sorry God, but I just found my Goddess and will be her follower from now on.
  4. *bows head and fervently prays* I'm confused Lord. Please give me a sign if I'm straight or bi. *opens eyes and sees the pair of fair legs. Looks upward and gulps* OhmydearGod. I'm lez.


Anonymous said...

hahaha all your blogs bowt your train crushes are so cool! i love how you described them and how you feel... tawa lang ako ng tawa... looking forward for more! =)

Anonymous said...

What was the book she was, um, wearing?

rz fortajada said...

I spotted a major train crush yesterday evening. Unfortunately I couldn't snap a photo, but she did take my mind off the exhaustion I was feeling. :P

Kim said...

if i were sitting in front of her, my thought bubble would contain: should i slide my thigh in between your legs?

Anonymous said...

ang cute ng tank top niya ... -w1cked

qwerty said...

Hi! Just a random passerby here. and well, that girl looks awfully like my friend.

firewomyn said...

@qwerty -no way! shucks! bakit parang bigla akong nahiya?! at ang kamangha mangha, meron pala akong hiya! hahaha. =)