a thing or two

i was looking for my credit card which i never used. didn't even have it activated. but now i badly need it. and so i did what i normally do end of the year, unclutter my drawers at the office. i wasn't successful in finding my credit card (i did a pretty good job of hiding it so i don't use it unnecessarily). but i found a piece of paper that dates early 2000. it contains scribbles of what seems to be poems i wrote then. here's two.

I should have known.
From what was not seen nor
From what was not said nor
From what was not.

There was not.
There is not.
We are not
Not even  a we.



I’m back in the game.
Staking my vulnerability
Dangling my privacy.

So tell me
Are we playing?
Or am I losing?
Are we a game?
Or am I winning?
Do you have aces hidden?
Do I roll the dice?

Who wants to win anyway,
We just want to be happy.
So let me play again.


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