Am currently reading ":59 seconds Think a little, Change a lot".

from the book, i learned, that to achieve a more lasting kind of happiness, buy experiences instead of goods. experiences give you memories (in time, we tend to remember the good stuff more over the bad ones), products bought get old, worn out and lose its appeal in time.

how does one buy experience, you may ask. go out for a meal, concert, cinema, theater, holiday/vacation, bungee jumping. Spend time with people. Not products (which tend to isolate us with others. Read: ear plugged generation).

as a friend often say to me hindi mababayaran ang saya kahit $1k pa. at sabi nga sa citibank tv commercial, priceless. :)

Personally, i've not really been a fan of buying. not because i don't want to, i just can't afford to. based on the book's test, being materialistic starts at a young age. like i've always been deprived so i am materialistic that way. but i want to buy stuff for my family, not really for myself. so same effect for me, my materialism gives me joy (lusot!). sabi ng iba, I am low maintenance. to others that can mean am cheap. which is fine. to me that means, am cheap, because it doesn't take much to please, make me happy. i mostly stick to the basics. so in a way okay din pala na lumaking deprived. kasi you won't really look for the things you've never been accustomed to. sa una yes, curiosity siguro, then later on i realize, it's just stuff i don't need.

so on my bday eve, i feel happy. i don't have a lot, but i have enough for now. the rest, i can wait for. i am not afraid of hard labor, because that's how i've been raised. so hindi ako takot maghirap or mahirapan. but if i can avoid it for my family i would.

so steady lang ako. nakatapak ang paa sa lupa (wala lang, kasi may gravity. hehe. kasi dapat realistic), nakatingala sa langit (dahil buti na lang libre ang mangarap), bukas ang mga bisig (handa sa anumang dumating, wag lang end of the world) at nakangiti (kasi hay, masarap mabuhay). =)

Indeed a happy birthday to me. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

To the girl who makes me want to go to makati... always (hahaha yup, that was one of my comments if u still remember)

Happy Birthday!!! =)
(insert sound effects ng paputok at torotot!)

kinabahan ako,i read kasi that you wer swamped with work?? hindi kaya magka-ofismate tayo, kasi nung busy ka, ay major major din ang pagka busy ko! hmmmm i wonder kung anung cubicle ka... hahahaha =)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! ^_^
i really like this post.. its very.... HAPPY.. :D
nakakahawa.. -ally

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY firewomyn! :)

- the anonymous

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! - white noise

Anonymous said...

poy, alam mo na yun. lahat ata ng kanto online sinulatan ko ng malipayong natawhan to that effect.
Like na like ko ang entry mo ngayon.-g

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday pala. Scout told me.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! Always love your writing! Take care

Anonymous said...

happy burpday! :) -w1cked

firewomyn said...

@nana - omg! what if nga no? hehe. i think we have to meet to find out ;)

@ally - hehe. sabi nga ni enrile, gusto ko happy ka. hehe

@the anonymous - thank you! :)

@white noise - just saw your name now. first time?

@g - thanks for the like! :) at syempre, pakitranslate po ito "malipayong natawhan" heeh

@borderlineunfriendly - hey, thanks to you and scout then! :)

@anonymous - thanks for the love! madaming anonymous, you wana give yourself an alias or sort? :)

@w1cked - burpday indeed! :) thanks!

Purple said...

Ang saya namang basahin ng post na 'to. Ang gaan sa pakiramdam. Mukhang masaya ka talaga. Happy birthday! =)

You make a lot of people happy through your blog, you know that right? =)

firewomyn said...

@Purple - now i know! hehehe. see you soon! nagsalita! ikaw kaya dyan ang super oa sa happy.hehehe. uyy! :D

Blissful Nomad said...

Happy Birthday, FireW! :) You deserve to be happy.

rz fortajada said...

Very belated happy birthday! :D Haha.

firewomyn said...

@rz - hehe. salamas! :)