Train Crush 17

i think you'll tire me easily. the length. look at those legs. there's too much skin to kiss and touch (in a good way).

i fear that i'll always fall short (vertically) with you. but then again, they say all is fair in love and war and even on bed. hehe.

i love your long waves of hair, i can drown in them easily. but how i want to partly move the locks of hair covering your face so i can see more of you. and then tilt your chin and stare at your eyes, run the back of my palm to your skin, and drink in the beauty of you. intoxicating. =)


Anonymous said...

tsk. nice catch poy. Reserved! -g

Anonymous said...

oooh. prettey! ...and love your words!
i'm just curious, does your gf know about your Train crush posts? does she ever get bothered or wala lang sa kanya?
- the anonymous

firewomyn said...

@g - i know! :) reserved meaning dibs?

@the anonymous - did you know that curiosity killed the anonymous lez? hehehe. my gf knows about my blog, so if she reads the posts, then she knows abt 'em. she used to get bothered, but not of the train crush posts. not sure if she still reads though.

Anonymous said...

and i still miss the train..tsk..tsk..tsk....twistedhalo

firewomyn said...

@twistedhalo - you can always lend me your car while you take the train when you feel like it. hehe.

rz fortajada said...

Hindi kaya tayo nagkakasabay sa train minsan? Hahaha. Naisip ko lang. :P

firewomyn said...

@rz - possible, hindi lang siguro tayo nagkikita kasi i would know if it's you :)