so who's the bigger man?

i don't normally mind the showbiz stuff, specially anything related to Willie Revillame. i admit sometimes am forced in a debate with my dad who's a fan of this guy. but after watching this lengthy video of non-apology and false humility the guy managed to get into my nerves when he hit Aiza Seguerra (for expressing her pov on the jan-jan issue) where he shouted something like, "Aiza, magpakalalaki ka!". wtf is that?! that is below the belt and not related at all to the issue. what is he implying? obviously, he wants to attack aiza and the easiest thing his close mind can use is aiza's sexual preference. it just showed how clueless he is about the lgbt world. the tragic part though is when the audience laughed at the "magpakalalaki" comment.

if being a man is to be like him, then i think all will either want to be women or gay/lez instead.

am too tired today to write further. but i hope the lgbt family will support aiza on this for the guy plans to sue all who publicly commented against him.

the aiza part is on the 15:19, 16:18  part of the video timer.


Anonymous said...

this guy doesnt know the meaning of humility. -g

Anonymous said...

Ano issue ni WR kay Aiza?

rz fortajada said...

Ugh, true. And Cristy Fermin called Aiza out as "imoral". Ad hominem attacks from ignorant people. Hindi na lang din mapatulan kasi sayang lang ang effort. Haha.

tcf said...

hay. willie revillame is such a pig. he will die lonely.

Anonymous said...

Bad trip diba? tapos dagdagan pa ng mga comments ni Cristy Fermin napagbatikos din kay Aiza at pagsabi na "karangalan ng isang babae ang mabastos ni WR" parang OK ka lang? Nasobrahan ang pagka-sipsip kay WR.

firewomyn said...

@g - the bigger his wealth got, the smaller his humility, until nothing was left.

@borderlineunfriendly - i posted a follow up post abt what he said against our dear aiza.

@rz - omg! that cristy has no strand of integrity in her body. just delete her.

@tcf - can't he just die soon? hehe. i hope he lives longer so he can still change his ways.

@katqt - eto ang masasabi ko kay cristy, "tangina nya!" kelan pa naging karangalan ang mabastos?!

Anonymous said...

i can't believe that Cristy Fermin said that... But all Willie's comments were too personal and did not address the real issue. It's just too sad to hear that on TV. -C

firewomyn said...

@C - didn't hear of it as well, just from the comments here. but it's atrocious really.