alive, awake & hectic

hello! i'm home! :) ohmygrrls! i missed you all! *tight hug*

kung si elena ang reyna sa santacruzan, ako ang reyna ng haggardness! i've been doing great work that my boss decided to reward all my blood and sweat of hard work, with, well, MORE work! blasted. she gave me two more people to handle. like two guys. ugh. one is gay. when asked about personal stuff, he said "fashion is my passion." definitely gay. the other guy is thank goodness straight! so you can imagine how he looks. hehe. but he is nice. but then nice is not enough to enter the gay heaven gates. we have superior standards and we know that. :D

a straight female friend once told me after suffering from numerous heartaches with men, "mag butch na lang kaya ako. hanap mo naman ako." to which i wanted to reply, "don't worry, will inform you once my community sponsors a big time charity event." what the f is wrong with these straights?! thinking we're gay because we're not successful with straights. we're gay. and that's it. we are not your anti-thesis, although it is true we are your far fab version. hehehe. so you can see where our higher standard stems from. :)

and you can obviously see na nawala lang ako naging matapobre na ko. hahaha. i dunno. am just soo happy now. and really proud of the women-loving-women force. i really think highly of us. and am just being real. so dedma kung hindi ako politically correct. basta correct ako! diba? diba? :D

isa pang "so". so bakit ako masaya? :D *emoticon for emphasis. hehe* because despite my hecticity (ang pagiging hectic ay bahagi na ng buhay masipag) i was able to squeeze in time for something i love that doesn't require being online. i went to this bazaar!

in between my lagare schedule, i hazily remembered an event that's supposed to happen on a Saturday. lack of sleep and all, i logged on in the ungodly hour of 9am (kasi nga puyat po) and had cause for panic.

and to cause more panic, this beautiful handmade journal by a very talented artist has only 2 pieces left! just look at that piece of art and tell me how not to fall in love with it.

i hurriedly took a bath and sped to UP while SMSing Nadja of Alunsina Handbound Books that i am gonna fight my way to one of the two copies left. hehe. the good thing is they were running late. with overwhelming joy i bought that one above plus three more of other designs! hehe. limited budget pa ko nyan ha. adik lang. bakit ko titipirin ang sarili ko sa mga bagay na nagpapasaya sa kin?! seriously. very affordable, lgbt-friendly prices. promise :)

it was also a heartwarming surprise to see a g2g couple in the tiangge under the banner, "Junkshop Abubot". they create artistic accessories from junk and found objects. every item is a labor of love, unique and an art piece in itself.

"alagaan mo yan kasi mahal ko yan," her bilin as she hands me a bracelet piece i bought. environment friendly na, puno pa ng puso. sa totoo lang, naka-jackpot ako, kasi it's priceless. =)

^^that's not the actual piece i bought. ninakaw ko lang yan sa fb wall nila. hehe.

on that day i learned that the phrase "to your heart's content" doesn't apply to the things we love. walang pusong sumabog dahil sa sobrang pagmamahal. my heart won't stop content specific for the things that pulsate it with excitement. i will get my loves to feed my heart. and i won't stop. lub-a-dub. love-a-dub. love. love. =)

there is another Arts and Crafts Fair!!!
Alunsina HandBound Books  
 JunkShop Abubot  
will be there. Please visit them. =)

** i will soon feature Alunsina HandBound Books and JunkShop Abubot separately**


Anonymous said...

Your heart keeps you alive.I'm glad you're back! Missed you!;-)

- peterparker

firewomyn said...

@peterparker - thank you!:) missed you too! :)