Train Crush 23

this is my most sowsyal train crush to date! yaya on the left, personal nurse on the right, cute stuff in the center. hehe.

will you take a personal alipin in my person? am multi-talented! i can be your personal photographer, stalker, and your personal shadow. *yes, that shadow on her legs is me.* let at least my shadow grovel at your feet, then work its way up to worship your smooth, tanned legs that you proudly is showing. and if you will oblige, i'll take your bag and carry it for you. take your shorts and wash it for you. even take all your clothes and hang them for you. or better yet, let me take all of you and bring you to heaven where goddesses like you rightfully belong. game? ;)


Kim said...

this one's a jail bait.

JC said...

speaking of attractive women, yayas, and nurses (lol), how about a theme for the next train crush? how about we go a little older this time. milfs? hehehe ;)

firewomyn said...

@Kim - nah. she just looks young in photo. but i tell you, she's old enough for me. wehehe.

@JC - naku! hard to set a theme! hehe. but will try. and what is milf? moro islamic liberation fronts? haha