Gayest Cities

mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the gayest of them all? the mirror, or rather The Advocate has spoken. The Advocate is a prominent publication for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities

1. Salt Lake City - dang! i was here two years ago! and only met one lesbian colleague. maybe the straights i was with turned the others off. hehe. i should seriously go back. :)
2. Orlando
3. Cambridge, Mass.
4. Fort Lauderdale
5. Seattle - well, Grey's Anatomy is here, where the hottest lez couple are. :)

6. Ann Arbor, Mich.
7. St. Paul and Minneapolis
8. Knoxville, Tenn. (Its main drag downtown is named Gay Street, by the way, but city fathers weren't thinking sexual orientation way back when that was done.)
9. Atlanta - i personally know one hot lez from here. tee-hee.
10. Grand Rapids, Mich.
11. Little Rock, Ark.
12. Portland, Ore.
13. Austin
14. Long Beach
15. Denver

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if I am to have the top 3 Gayest Cities in the Metro, off the bat i'd say -

1.Malate ofcourse! - no explanation needed. okay, it's not technically a city, but hey, it's a gay city in itself. hehe
2. Makati - Burgos, Makati Ave. where the transgenders/sexuals seem to be the fave companions/friends of foreigners based on visibility. This is also where the coolest gay bar,Government was located, until A-Venue came to be and the covert club ceased to exist. sigh.There are loads of fab gays too from the corporate, including moi! haha.
3. Quezon City - UP Babaylan, call centers, Palawan club (gay bar), and other gay bars too.

i think i have to make a serious research and article about this. :)


Anonymous said...

I think ortigas pasig should be in number 3. Naman ateng, elevator pa lang ng building namin kahit ako nagkaka identity crisis sa failure to identify.. He? She? Anuveh....twistedhalo

NY is so GAY. said...

No New York? No SF? This list is flawed. I think gay legislation in each city is the true marker. I would not feel safe as a gay woman in any of these cities because of the strong religious presence and lack of protection by law. Having gay bars and softball teams does not make a city gay! This list is hilarious! Only Cambridge, MA actually has gay marriage in this list. But I'll leave it up to you to judge when you visit me in NY. What do you say? :o)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I just realized. It is kinda weird that I've been living a few blocks away from Malate for 3 years and NOT yet explore it. Please don't revoke my lesbian gold card. :| I seriously should start considering giving myself a tour. Any suggestions where to start? - gangrenes

Frankie said...

i didn't know that there many gay bars in quezon city. hmmm actually, come to think of it, i know quite a few but they cater mostly for gay men. i lived here my entire life and didn't know where to meet lez girls (i prefer femme btw :D). any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

i didn't know that there are many gay bars in quezon city. hmmm actually, come to think of it, i did know quite a few but all of them cater to gay men. i lived here my entire life but don't know where to meet lez (i prefer femme btw :D). any suggestions? - fff

Anonymous said...

Eastwood should be included. Dun palagi nagdedate ang mga tao for some reason.

firewomyn said...

@twistedhalo - haha. haven't been to ortigas lately kaya ndi ko sya nasama. heeh

@NY - well the article did say they didn't focus on the usual suspects :) and it's good to know the degree of gayness in the list

@gangrenes - seriously?! mygawd! you're missing out! although it's mostly male gay in malate. but pride march was held there. majoy sighting event. :) the gay mecca within malate is at the streets of orosa corner nakpil, then go to providence videoke bar near st scho and benilde. :)

@fff - exclusive parties for women are often held in qc bars. will post party updates. there really isn't a regular lez bar here, unfortunately. chocolate kiss in UP Diliman is said to be frequented by lezzies. :)

@Anonymous - didn't know that as i haven't been there in a looong while. thanks for the tip!