Train Crush 25

this is how to be blown away in 3 steps.




altogether now... woooow! =)
i could easily say you closely resemble Glaiza de Castro but i think you are more beautiful in a simple, charming way with your barely there makeup and endearing hint of shyness. i think i heard divine harps playing magically when you smiled and every time you utter something. 

you may not be a celebrity, but you instantly transformed me into a gushing, nervous fan. i liked you so much that even though you're standing so near to me, and there are people pinning at my back, i still dared take your pic throwing caution to the throng behind. 

beauty has the power of transformation. Train Crush 25 armed me with courage, brought out the resourceful in me, made me hopeful and more importantly gave me ethereal joy. =)


Anonymous said...

that's my cousin... :p

Anonymous said...

lhenn :))

Anonymous said...

oww this is me ..