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Something to cheer about! :) Rumored lesbian Eugene Domingo and lesbian role played by Shamaine Centenera-Buencamino both got nominated in the prestigious 6th Asian Film Awards. The former for best actress category, the latter for the best supporting actress category. Both also won in 7th Cinemalaya.

I was able to watch the film Niño in Cinemalaya and there was a scene that really cracked me up.

as background, Merced (played by Sharmaine) is the eldest daughter taking care of the family who lives in their uncle's old-rich house. Merced as a means of additional income, took in a nurse boarder, Kat. Below they were talking about a seeming clandestine incestuous affair between Merced's brother and their balikbayan cousin (daughter of the uncle).

scene: both were on bed, Kat massaging Merced's tired back.
Kat: Boarder nga lang ako rito, napansin ko na agad. Ikaw hindi?
Merced: Paranoid ka lang. Kasi may sikreto rin tayo.
Kat: (looks of realization)
Merced: Isa pa, hindi na nakakakilig isiping nag gaganon sila no. Matatanda na sila.
Kat: Sabagay..
Merced: Eh ano tayo?
Kat: Modern tayo no!

here's the article from Philippine Daily Inquirer:

Another Pinay in Asian Oscars
Shamaine Centenera-Buencamino joins Eugene Domingo with best supporting actress nomination
January 20, 2012 | 12:45 am

Apart from the two nominations of Marlon Rivera’s “Ang Babae sa Septic Tank,” another Filipino, theater stalwart Shamaine Centenera-Buencamino, clinched a best supporting actress nod, for “Niño,” in the 6th Asian Film Awards.

Buencamino joins best actress nominee Eugene Domingo and best screenplay nominee Chris Martinez (both for “Septic”) in the honor roll. Three years ago, Gina Pareño won best supporting actress for Brillante Ma. Mendoza’s “Serbis” and her costar, Jaclyn Jose, was nominated in the same category.
Regarded as the Asian Oscars, the AFA will be held in Hong Kong in March.

When Buencamino heard the news from “Niño” director Loy Arcenas a few days ago, she was initially incredulous. “I didn’t expect it because, during the film’s screening at the Busan fest last year, my costars Art Acuña and Raquel Villavicencio were the ones who got noticed,” she explained.

She feels it’s a welcome development that theater actors like her and Domingo are being recognized in the mainstream— locally and but internationally as well.

“In the past, theater actors didn’t get meaty roles,” she recalled. But the indie film movement, she said, allowed them to break the star system slowly. “Uge [Domingo’s nickname] made
EUGENE Domingo

headway. She proved that theater actors can do comedy and drama.”
In her Facebook page, Domingo said that she is “honored” to be nominated alongside Buencamino. “Shamaine is one great actress,” Domingo said. “She is my senior in the theater… [someone] I’ve always admired.”

Domingo dedicated her AFA nomination to all her teachers at the Speech Communication and Theater Arts department in UP Diliman— including Buencamino, who taught there when Domingo was a student.
Buencamino also won best supporting actress for “Niño” at the Cinemalaya last year.

When she was nominated at the movie press’ Star Awards in the best supporting actress category for Joselito Altarejos’ “Ang Lihim ni Antonio” in 2008, the souvenir program stated that she’s a veteran in acting derbies.

“Actually, I hardly get singled out,” she admitted. Apart from Cinemalaya, her only other acting trophy was from Cinema One for Lawrence Fajardo’s “Prinsesa” in 2007, she pointed out.

A newcomer
She feels she’s still a newcomer when it comes to acting in front of the camera. “Some mainstream stars think one workshop is enough. But it’s a constant learning process. Until now, I still watch and study my playbacks. I get worried that my gestures are too big or that my face moves too much onscreen.”
SHAMAINE Centenera photo by rodel rotoni
Buencamino, who’s in the cast of the GMA 7 afternoon soap “Kung Aagawin ang Langit,” is optimistic that theater training and discipline will finally get affirmed with these recognitions here and abroad.
“I hope these honors will mean more acting jobs,” she quipped.
But will she attend the Asian Oscars in Hong Kong?
“I’ll be unemployed by then. I hope I’ll get another job soon, so I can afford to attend the awards show. It’ll be my first time in Hong Kong if ever,” she remarked.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know there is a rumor abt uge.. Hmmm, pag tsikahan nga natin yan...twistedhalo

firewomyn said...

@TwistedHalo - yep, it's kalat na. she's even kinda implying in her interviews w/c is so cool :) sa kitaan! major tsikahan! hehe.