First public lesbian kiss in primetime Philippine tv

on the rare occasion that i watch tv and pbb at that, i get to catch this momentous, first public g2g kiss in primetime tv! out lesbian Divine Smith pbb housemate was visited by her girlfriend Mikhaela Gregory in big brother's house. and my, was she gorgeous! when they saw each other, they drank in each other's beauty, hugged, held hands, kissed, cuddled, kissed again. love was just overflowing, homophobia didn't stand a chance! :) it was a happy moment. they look so good together. and i bet tastes very yummy too. :)


Lei said...

I only saw some of the first episodes of this season and Divine was the most interesting one among them. Really pretty, too.

Scout said...

wow. and, awww... :)

bakit kapag naaabutan ko si mama manood nito, walang ganyan ka-exciting? oh well. wishing them the best. :)

super duper belated happy birthday po. sensya na ngayon lang ulit ako nagawi dito. na-miss ko ang mga oprah-esque texts mo. ;)