Jessica Sanchez

i know it's unhealthy late for me already, but i just have to let this out my chest before i burst to sub-atomic particles with intense joy and pride. and i have to do this super fast before my migraine catches me and cripple me from doing anything else.

i will always love you too jessica sanchez! *maddening squeeze to you!* you just gave me something to believe in and hope for (after i lost it with the way the impeachment trial's running or should i say crawling, and with the series of student slays).

you are the strongest filipino contestant of AI to date. THANK YOU because you always give it your your best badass self! i mean you swag, you rawr, you purr, you eat your competitors whole! you are that hungry, literally and figuratively. you are soo good that it's illegal because mygawd, you're just 16 which means, as much as i want to eat you whole too, i shouldn't. hehe. but assuming i could devour and languish just in your wild yet controlled voice, i would, crumpled bedsheets, no pee break, till my body turns so sore i'd need wheelchair for walking and all. whew!

seriously. you are that thing that raced my heart rate in breaking all records speed i can have a stroke any moment while you were singing. i was stinking sweaty, on the edge of my seat with tension for fear you'd freak for even a fraction of a millisecond. you are soo mean! you did the most difficult song not only in vocal requirement but for what it means - whitney's most iconic song who recently died and had tributes left and right. if you as so make half a note mistake, the world and even whitney will kill you even after you're dead! that is how insane this song is. you almost got me killed too! but am thrilled that the world was with me in this near-death ecstasy.

"Jessica is a vocal powerhouse with a breathtakingly beautiful voice; the judges were enraptured and covered in goosies as they gave a standing ovation, the audience collectively wept over the blessing that is her voice, and American Idol critics everywhere put Jessica's name in their headline, knowing it would optimize their web traffic." - one article said

one commented that your rendition was better than that of jennifer hudson and hudson even tweeted "“Yes Jessica! That’s it!!”

how can i not love you back when you've poured not just your heart but your whole self and your future to the song? love begets love. i know you don't need it, still even if you don't take my heart, it's already yours along with 40 million others' (if we are to believe steven tyler). =)

i love you. i love you. i love you. i can't help it. and i won't tire of it. love foams from my mouth and leaks from my pores. you are inside of me and yet i am fully in yours. it's like we're married. meshed together yet distinct two women. can you believe that? am talking truckloads of nonsense, hyperboles and superlatives. am as insane as you. so am gonna stop now because you know what i mean. =) i love you. i love you. i love you...

your first standing ovation performance that made me forget you're a kid. =)

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belle said...

I know right! grabe siya... =)
i even watched the replay same night... hehehe addict!