Aiza Seguerra and Chen Sarte broke up

sad, but true. Aiza Seguerra and Chen Sarte, partners for seven long years broke up.

during happy times
pics ftom here and here

Nope, Mommy Caring is not the third party, thus the insert pic.
I just couldn't find a more recent public pic of them together.

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Posted at 03/20/2012 9:08 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Acoustic singer Aiza Seguerra has broken up with her girlfriend of seven years Chen Sarte.

But Sarte, a talent manager, said she has already moved on, as she appealed to the public to stop speculating on the cause of their breakup.

According to reports, Seguerra already has a new girlfriend.

“We remain friends and I have a lot to be thankful to Aiza in the more than seven years we were together,” Sarte said. “She opened my mind to music and showbiz.”

Sarte is also hoping to establish her own identity, not as the ex-girlfriend of Seguerra, but as a champion of original Pilipino music or OPM.

Currently, Sarte is co-managing the upcoming rock singer Cathy Go with folk artist Bayang Barrios

let's revisit the happy times 



clyte said...

natatawa ako! konektado ba isip natin fire? hehe! kasi i was about to ask you kung alam mo bang wala na sila kasi nacurious ako sa mga post ni aiza at d na namemention si chen. sayang nga eh! anyhoo, i like cathy go sobra! hehe

Anonymous said...

Sayang...d sila nkatakas s 7 year itch.


Anonymous said...

-pepita wats 7 yr itch means ?

i bet krizza was her new gf , tsk tsk !
i dnt want my reL.to end were aLmst 6yrz na

Anonymous said...

@pepita ano nga naman ba yang itch na yan? kati ba ito? or simply saying itech, swardspeak... hehehe

@anonymous like me, go lang girl make it 7,8 and more pa!

Anonymous said...

Haha 7yr itch ang issue!dey say that wen relationships reach 7yrs, and u still dnt hv any plans to take it a notch higher or u hv no plans at all,most probably u won't end up wd each other.cguro mgkksawaan nlng kau or ul get d 'itch' 2 find another girl!:p dnt knw f its really true,bt i've known a lot of ppl hu ended their relationships wen they reached 7yrs. I hv a 6yr relationship,if d 7yr itch is true or not,i damn hope i'd get over it wid flying colors!:))