is charice a lesbian?

a reader asked me this via a comment "Pake confirm please, is charice a lez? Felt gaydar..." well, for one thing, it was Ellen De Generes who discovered her. Surely, there must have been some kind of gaydar connection there right? :D

am not really a fan, but i think you got your answer with all the hullabaloo on her new look.

When asked if she is a lesbian or not, Charice answered: Why would you ask me that question? I think that‘s a very inappropriate question. For me, just love me. I‘m a person. If you think I‘m a boy or a girl or if I look like a boy, then fine. I‘m Charice. I know what people think…I don‘t care. This is the look that I want. The only thing that you can do is move on.” 

to associate a person's sexuality by the length of their hair is just stereotyping. if that was the case, then demi moore has long been gay, beginning the film Ghost.

and got real butch in G.I. Jane.

then there's hot kiera knightley of Bend it Like Beckham, where i wish she's really playing a gay role, and not just a mistaken sexuality.

model, actress, singer Agyness Deyn who made androgyny cool and mainstream,

another one of aggy. she's just soo cute!

megan fox, err i think she's bi. still!

emma watson. you wish! hahaha. it won't hurt to dream :)

so is nora aunor, oops! is she? hehehe.

when she did play the role of a lesbian in the film T-Bird at Ako, she was sporting a long hair, while her love interest, vilma santos was the one in short hair. and that was in the 80s ha

and justin beiber. oh yeah, he just looks like a tomboy, but really a guy. haha.

so going back to charice :) - her "rumored" partner? see the blonde girl below, her personal assistant. i saw a pic of them together featured at the front page of either inquirer or phil star. can't remember which.

anyways, you know the quote? silence means yes. and sometimes not answering a question is actually answering the question. ;)


Anonymous said...

jusmio, ulam na ulam 'tong si keira knightley. nakakainis! hahahaha

- tcf

clyte said...

tama, silence means yes!

rz fortajada said...

Hahaha, natawa ako sa comment dito. I agree, ulam na ulam talaga si Keira. :>

Ambiguous ng sagot ni Charice. Hahaha. Eh hindi ka naman talaga pwedeng bigla na lang mag-out dito sa Pilipinas, masyadong affected mga tao.

Anonymous said...

neither confirm nor deny... classic. ah, basta, malakas ang gaydar ko, she's definitely gay. basing on her answer when asked if she's a lesbian... dun pa lang, alam na. just read between the lines. she may not admit it directly but her actions and gestures confirm it.

may tsismis ngang kumakalat na gf nya yung asst. nya. hmn... kaya mukhang inlove at inspired si Charice. well, good for her. i wonder kung top sya or bottom. ;p


Anonymous said...

She is.

Anonymous said...


Watch the person next to her all the time (She is not really her PA)... Can you guess who she is?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ay gay sha!

Anonymous said...

haha ! ay ndi , lesbian sya ,jusko te kulet mu