Train Crush 21

in this harsh and fierce world we live in, it is comforting to see someone simple and unassuming. a young woman who may be oblivious to the power she holds within. that mindless lip biting gesture can send many hearts a-flutter and several throats gulping (i belong to the second group. hehe).

somehow i know that even without that lip biting habit of yours,  your skin, your lips will still be as supple and fresh as the flesh inside a seedless, ripe  lanzones. sweet. juicy. d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s. one that i would approach with restraint so i can savor the experience with each extended second. and so that with every pore in my body it can record to lasting memory how innocence really tastes like.


Anonymous said...

for the life of me i do not understand how you can take pictures in trains. pareho lang naman tayo ng phone. must be that you are so talented!..twistedhalo

Pepita Supladita said...

I crush her too!hehe!galing mo nga mgpicture fire..bte nd k nhhalata.-> pepita

Anonymous said...

i love the kagat labi shots! aprub! :) -A

morningshowers said...

I agree-lip biting is so sexy

firewomyn said...

@twistedhalo - it also takes some acting and lots of practice. hehe. acting so that they won't think you're taking pix but doing something else. :)

@Pepita Supladita - artista ako eh! hehe. i just try not to be too obvious with it.

@A - aprub ba? salamat :)

@morningshowers - hayaan mo next time, maglip-bite ako in your presence. hehe.

scout said...

cute! at may pagka-astig. sana makasabay ko rin sya :)

Anonymous said...

Fire...one of my craziest dream ay maging isa s train crush mo!!hahaha!;p pra malaman q kng obvious k nga mgpicture o nde!-pepita

Anonymous said...

Hello Lara,

I've been reading your blog for about 7 year now. I came across your Train Crush 21 post just now and just so you know, I know that girl in the picture! Her name is Xiomara 'Mara' Chang. Her family lives in (yes, 'inside') the Chinese cemetery in Caloocan. She does part-time modeling.



Best regards,

firewomyn said...

@Scout - hehe. sakay ka LRT baclaran bound ;)

@pepita - nakow! madali lang. sakay ka tren. hehe

@Serenity - hey, i am not Lara :) her blog is this: firewomyn.tumblr.com. but THANK YOU for the info. blog-worthy!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Firewomyn. Is there a way to message you privately?