a dream work scenario

i have been terribly busy,
that i simply have little time for work.

i've been heavily texting and being texted by friends.
i have been receiving private messages that i just have to reply immediately.
yahoo friends go online and chats with me, who am i to resist?
my ofcmates invite me take a break, to eat outside, to have a puff or just to gossip
in the spirit of camaraderie, i just have to follow.
i receive phonecalls that requires me to leave my workstation and address my friends' inquiries
i hear mr. swabe's song from my seatmate's speaker, and have to surf for its lyrics to sing along
then there's spam email on letter to trillanes that urges me to react and express my politcal views in detail.
oh! i'm loooking pale, got to go to the restroom to retouch.
my back's aching, time for some stretching.

by the end of the day, i feel soooo tired that i can no longer work.
and there's traffic to consider, so got to rush!
but before i dash, have to update my blog!

there, now i can go home, because i have been busy and tired.
need to sleep early, for another day of work tomorrow.

****wishful thinking!
****ofcourse this is contrary from what i actually experience as a proletariat.


Purple78 said...

Haha! this is what I do everyday! Okay, that's an exaggeration, I do this mga 5x a week lang, and I don't smoke (my father died of tongue cancer).

firewomyn said...

@Purple78 - kainggit ka naman, you lucky womyn! ;) 'used to for social reasons (rather than passive smoking). i don't smoke anymore :) so good girl tayo pareho! :)