labor day ex-perience

when do you know when your ex is already your friend?
i don't know.
all i know is that when i needed to obtain an elusive WindowsXP 64Bit installer,
ex was the one who rescued me.
after being bombarded with calls from the almighty bosses over the weekend,
and dispersing my team to do the hunt,
i suddenly remembered that ex once consulted me months ago abt the appropriate motherboard and processor for the WindowsXP 64Bit stuff.
Just one phone call and the search has ended.
The catch though is i have to pick it up from her home, in the suburbs.

Flashback: the first and last time i went to her house was leap year last year.
i made a surprise leap visit to her place to commemorate the feb29 event.

a year after, i still know how to go to her house.
we haven't seen each in a long while.
so there, seeing her that weekend afternoon, with the dusk wind blowing our hair and some fireworks on the sky, standing on the street.
same scent, same look. same thoughts. i missed her :)

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