raining womyn

rainy season is bringing me loads of stuff to think about (read: temptations).

**context: we used to have this 'thing' going on between us, but then i got myself a gf, so the 'thing' stopped.

we've been good friends since then, minus the mush & uhh.. sexual undertones.

i thought all the boundaries are clear. then this:

context: we're gona go to a gimik, im gona pick her up, then meet our other frends.

gf-wannabe: would you go out with me?
firewomyn: err, susunduin na nga kita e.
gf-wannabe: that's not what i mean.
firewomyn: *scratches head* huh? then what do you mean?
gf-wannabe: would you make love to me?
firewomyn: *gulp! throws cold water on my face*
firewomyn: No.
gf-wannabe:: ok, forget i asked.

sheesh! it feels like my summer is just starting.
there's so much heat around me. and i feel the fire.
if i were only single i would have agreed or i might have even initiated! lol! :)
sigh. trying times.

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