whatta predicament!

kerida-wannabe: firewomyn ... gusto talaga kita .. kahit kabit lang payag ako ...
firewomyn: seryoso ka?
kerida-wannabe: seryoso.
firewomyn: you deserve more.
kerida-wannabe: kaya nga, i deserve you.
firewomyn: what do you mean?
kerida-wannabe: sinabi ko na sayo di ba? i love you ... i just want to love you ... kahit yun na lang.
firewomyn: may gf na ko. i love her. i'm committed to her. i don't want a kerida. i don't want you to be a kerida. i care for you. but i can't give you what you want or need.
kerida-wannabe: i never asked naman on what i want or need di ba?
firewomyn: im gonna hurt you again..
kerida-wannabe: you won't hurt me.. this is my choice.
kerida-wannabe: i want you to stay ... mahal kita e.
firewomyn: stay as what?
kerida-wannabe: the special friendship, special feeling, basta yun.
firewomyn: ok. but accept the fact that i love my gf so much and i'm happy with her. and you are a special friend to me :)
kerida-wannabe: you love her so much?
firewomyn: yes.
kerida-wannabe: pasensha ka na makulit ako. ang kabaliwan ko umaandar na naman :) i'm happy for you. i'm happy that you're inlove with your gf ... she's really damn lucky to have you ...
firewomyn: thanks.
kerida-wannabe: i really want you to be my girl, pero nde na ata talaga pwede :(
firewomyn: friends?
kerida-wannabe: friendly love? mahirap ata yun. nurtured kasi emotions ko for you... i'm happy abt it.
firewomyn: thanks for the love. i consider it a gift :)
kerida-wannabe: oo, gift sha... wala na sanang bawian ng regalo. hehehe.. :)
firewomyn: why me?
kerida-wannabe: i can't find the reason why i feel this way about you ... and as i look for that reason, i find myself back to you ... i'm inlove with you..

**i feel humbled to be showered with such emotional depth and selflessness. i can't match that. but she will definitely be on queue if ever (a big IF) i end up being single again! she's so darn sweet and syrupy. i feel like butter melting on a hot toast. but since 'naipalaman' na ko sa ibang tinapay (wehehe), nde na pde. hay buhay... may 2 pairs nga ng lips e, sna ang puso dinalawa na din. lech! :p**


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i cud relate wid d gurl! same conversation... *sighs*

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hehe! *chuckles* I must've grabbed her If I were you..but I'm proud you did the saner thing!