sleep of the tongue

enough of the professional angst!
after a long, long while, i had more than 6hrs sleep!

when i looked at myself in the mirror,
i think my skin rested well, they look relaxed :)
although my body's craving for a few more hours of deprived sleep!

when i checked my celphone, i had 7 unread messages!
most of which came from my bestfriend.
all forwarded messages!
bordering from the religious to the obscene. lol! :)
so unlikely of him.
he must miss his missable bestfriend already :D
he's been asking me for some lunch-cum-chikahan galore,
w/c i've been declining.
bec either im still at home catching up w/ sleep
or i have tons of urgent work to do (it's always urgent! dang!).

i think that is the role of bosses,
to give you loads of tasks, w/ unrealistic timelines/deadlines,
and to blame you for expectedly being delayed.
in short, bosses are here to make my life hell!

my mom has never adjusted to the advent of wonder bras.
everytime i wear one and she sees me, she always comments:
"parang lumaki ang boobs mo ..."

**i'm sure she's thinking of other sleazy reasons that involve men. give me a break!**

"ma, padding lang yan."

of course, she's not convinced.
mothers are mandated to doubt their children.
and they can smell lies 5 meters away.
geez! such enhanced sensory!
they shd hire moms in the fbi!

as a footnote (meaning last note. hehe.),
i was horrified to find out that my devil-in-disguise-pseudo boss
likes working with me a lot!
those were the pseudo boss' very words.
i cringed when i saw that line.
s/he's not bobo, so i dunno why the hell s/he said that to me (not verbally.
i think i won't be able to hide my disgust if it was ever face-to-face).
if that's an attempt to lure me to soften my stance,
beat it buster! in your rotten dreams!

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AKILEZ said...

mmmmm you wear miracle bra. try wearing Frederick's of Hollywood your girfriend will love them and of course you too.

Bosses are not human. I have same similar experiences.