womyn in my mind

i'm so tired and sleepy that i want to spend the remaining coherent awake thoughts (before i faint from exhaustion) to pleasant ones. so here goes.

to the womyn in my mind.

sure, there's an ocean of women out there and it is soo easy to just have a taste and philander.
i'm a sucker for sexy, kick-ass, smart, sporty womyn who has an artist in them.

my reality check is just this: i think of what will happen if i get caught and if my gf finds out and if i can bear it if she leaves me bec i fucked up big time.
and it becomes crystal clear to me,
who is the only one who can make me leave the ofc early,
whom i won't replace for anybody else for some existential kicks or momentary itch,
whom i would be begging to win back if ever (with tears and kneeling to boot),
who i really want to hangout with in any kind of gimik,
who makes me feel loved and grounded,
who makes everything better for me,
who brings me food at the ofc everytime i stay late, and
who patiently waits (for hours!) for me from work just so we go home together and spend some quality time even for just an hr,
who is crazy for me and i'm also crazy with.

and then, i'm not confused anymore :)
and i know i'm right where i want to be,
in the arms of my wonderwomyn :)

good night! :)


Summer Fire said...

that's when you know you ARE really INLOVE... when you don't think about any other womyn but HER.

kaya ung may mga sabit, hindi ako naniniwalang mahal talaga nila ang mga nyowa nila eh. well, para sakin lang naman ;)

spread the love, mareh!

NV said...

^^I second the motion este I AGREE! bwahihi

s from dl said...

i can't think of a better way how u expressed ur thoughts in words. galing! shhh... don't tell anyone, but this actually made me teary eyed. keep writing!

firewomyn said...

SUMMER & NV: i still think of other womyn :D but not in any emotional way or physical way enough to drive me to taste them ;) in other words.. takot ako sa gf ko! wehehe. lol! :)

S FROM DL: awww! salamat po :) don't worry, i'll keep it hush ;)

Anonymous said...

"i'm a sucker for sexy (abs), kick-ass, smart, sporty womyn who has an artist in them." same here!

is it necessary to label? ummm can a sporty and smart/kick-ass still be labeled a femme? or a sb? i dunno if it's really necessary but these are the traits of my SO that made me notice her...

nway, loyalty has a price. and i respect those who are faithful to their SO. -w1cked

firewomyn said...

@w1cked - sometimes, labels help simplify things, but it isn't required to label everything. at the end of the day, they're all women to me :) if your SO is sexy, kick-ass, smart, sporty and artistic, then consider yourself lucky! ;)

Anonymous said...

:) yeah..i do consider myself lucky above all, she is faithful. but, i am not really into facades, what is important is the commitment that she is willing to share with me.

:) tc -w1cked

Anonymous said...

as i've said.. wala namang perfect na tao.. kaya binabawi ko pala sinabe ko, hehehe nde ganun ka lucky kse may hang-ups ren siya :) -w1cked

firewomyn said...

@w1cked - hehehe. biglang bawi e. lahat naman merong quirks. i still think you're lucky to have found your gf whom you loves and loves you as well. awwwww :)

Anonymous said...

aww.. okkaaayy. :) and thank you for that. if not bcoz of ur maturity that i don't have back then, i dunno what couldve had happened. and, hangin out in ur blog makes me appreciate my SO more. :) it's good we crossed paths.

God bless!

firewomyn said...

@w1cked - naks! am happy to be of any help :) kahit pala paano may silbi ang mga kwento ko sa iba. :)

Anonymous said...

your blog is very refreshing and sugarcoating is no ingredient in it. that's y i find it interesting... -w1cked

firewomyn said...

@w1cked - gee, thanks :) am touched. :)