found some time

hello ladies! :) missed me? :D hehe. hindi po ako nag-TNT sa amerika kaya ngayon lang nagpost. i came back early morn of 11/3, and then reported to work the same day as if the word jetlag never existed. i actually attempted to cheat on jetlag by following the mnl time my entire 20hr flight. i semi-succeeded because i was operational at work last week. i forced myself to sleep 10pm. but woke up 1am and every hour after that. dang it! so even though my sleep still totals around 8hrs, i still feel tired and puffy when i wake up. the height of my time zone confusion happened this weekend. i was to attend a meet up with friends. i was ready to show off my new g2g shirt and cap. i sms'd my friend, "dami na kayo dyan?" she replied, "err, the event was yesterday." epic fail! of course i replied back that it's ok, but we all know it's NOT! if i was really ambidextrous or somewhat a contortionist, i would have loved kicking my own pretty ass. since i can't, i just seethed helplessly and violently imploded. i'll just wait for another occasion/reason/invitation to show off my new stuff. *hint! hint!*


Anonymous said...

so, un pala ang dakilang jetlag hahaha! akala ko nga nakajoin ka, pero nakta ko ang photos and wala ka dun. :) -w1cked

Anonymous said...

Sigh. So you got back na last Nov 3. The day before that, I just got back din from my trip. I did that too, tried to make my body clock catch up with real time. I ended up trying to sleep at 7PM and waking up around 10pm, until 7am next when I'd inevitably wake up around 3pm. Did this for 3 straight days and by the third day I was so flustered I forced myself to stay awake the whole day by drinking coffee and getting out and assaulted by the city pollutants... In short, hehe, my body clock had caught up with Ph real time.