I have a sister living in US. A sister recently left for Singapore to try her luck there (this is my bum sister). My other sister who lives out of town will in one to two years leave for Italy to join her husband (i gotta have visa from there). Another sister (andami no? Big family :)) lives near our house (A tenant of my parents in their dilapidated apartments for rent). Then for the last straw, another sister (my other bum sis. Yep, i got two) announced holy week that she's getting married next year. Holy crap! Suddenly, my used to be big family is shrinking by the minute. Is it not enough that all my closest friends are now overseas?!

My sister in US will visit us next year. So my earliest (hopefully not the last) chance of a complete family will be next year. It's unspeakably sad. I know I've been lambasting my family in my posts, at pinagtatabuyan kong magtrabaho and 2 sisters kong batugan. But then when they finally left/leave,  when I finally got my fervent hope granted, I felt nothing but sadness and endless worry. Blood is not just thicker than water. Blood is unconditional love ingrained in the genes. I know this because even my good for nothing dad, sa kaila-ilaliman ng napakalalim  na galit ko sa kanya, gulp, mahal ko sya. *thunderclaps!*

Omg! I just realized ako na lang pala matitira with my parents! Major, major syeeet!!!  Sana sa mabilis na balang araw, ako naman ang makaalis at makalayo. Mahal ko magulang ko pero ayoko maiwan sa bahay! Maloloka ako! hehehe.

Sometimes, like plants, you need space to grow. O ha, may justification ako. Hehehe.


Anonymous said...

i miss pourin my heart out on a weekend with you. hehe! i knew you love your dad, it's just that.. sometimes, it's a love and hate thing. hehe! -w1cked

Kim said...

i didn't you realize you have a lot of sisters. are u sure u'r the only one who's gay? lol

Anonymous said...

roller coaster of emotions while reading- g

firewomyn said...

@w1cked - see you on Sunday! :)

@Kim - am soo sure! hahaha

@G - ok.i hope good emo's :)

Anonymous said...

can't hardly wait! - w1cked