transgender 101 for me

honestly, ngayon ko lang naintindihan ang difference ng transgender and lesbian after reading this piece. kaya pala ang isang friend ko, whom i labelled as lesbian said, "ayokong pumatol sa lesbian. pakiramdam ko bading ako pag ginawa ko yun. gusto ko straight lang." magkahalong tumbling at somersault ang reaction ko when she said this to me. in my gender uneducated mind, i thought she's crazy and a masochist, for i was sure she's into a lifetime of misery because of that choice. now, crazy, ignorant me knows better. =) peace tayo pare! *hugs*

From Chastity to Chaz: Sonny and Cher's Child On His Sex-Change Operation
full article here 

notice the transformation.
the shorter the hair,
the bigger chaz became.
oops! i mean 
the more masculine s/he became.

off topic
parang si regine.
on the rumor that she's preggy.
she said she's just having migraine.
weeks later, she announced, she's preggy.
omg! nakakapreggy pala ang migraine!


Kia said...

There is so much to talk about in gender identity and orientation. I feel like a lot of lesbians are transgenders, but a lot of lesbians also do not identify as male but just want to follow heterosexist norms. To each her own of course, but I'm glad you and I are in the same boat ;) Hahaha...

rz fortajada said...

I've been reading up on this topic lately, nakaka-curious kasi sobrang diverse at fluid talaga ng gender identities ng mga tao. :))

Marami pa tayong dapat matutunan. Fun! :D