privates going public

have you seen Vagina Monologues? i did, years ago. i missed though the tagalog version, Usapang Puki. sob. still, the Vagina Monologue experience was truly liberating. you'll be shocked, you'll cry, laugh your velvet out, smile, get angry. all sorts of feelings for a used to be hush hush topic. imagine, a whole stage play entirely dedicated to pekpek?! amazing! genius!

i think oprah still hasn't fully embraced the lesson yet, for whatever stride in feminism achieved by Vagina Monologues, she fanned out the moment she popularized the term "vajayjay". it's like being a closet gay. cloaking the truth, hiding what's real. and we know how hard that can be. so since she can't say vagina in public (to think she has global influence), she came up with the tamer, girly, general patronage version, vajayjay. bummer. but this is just me. i feel she could have largely helped (not only because she's really huge. hehe) advance the cause. but then, am just being oa as always. haha.

in the philippines, we call it puki, pekpek, keps, kipay, monay(?), pechay(?). that's all i know. any other term? we even call uber short shorts as pekpek shorts these days. hehe. am glad. we can now freely say our privates publicly, often with friends.

"happy pekpek" - to describe a friend or someone who just had sex (whether with self or with a partner)

"puki mo!", "pekpek ka!" - can be expressions in jest or if pissed

"kamusta naman ang kipay?" - when asking a friend of her sex life

"nag-skirt ako kasi naiinitan keps ko". it's now common to infuse our privates in daily conversations. so while same sex marriage is still taboo in the dark ages that is catholic philippines, we have in our own way assimilated the pop culture thru mainstream tv (i heart you pare, coffee prince, aiza seguerra, pow chavez, etc), gay/lez lingo, clothing, parties, exclusive schools, call centers ( i seriously think call centers are instrumental in making gays/lez public), gyms, sports, coffee shops. am a happy pekpek because of that. tee-hee!

below are two of my favorite portions of Vagina Monologues. i hope they revive this in manila, specially the tagalog version, with celebrities like regine velasquez, marian rivera, bea alonzo, cristine reyes doing the monologues. now that would be really delish! yuum! :)

The Little Coochie Snorcher That Could
describes key memories of a woman related to her vagina. through all her vaginal struggles, she ultimately experienced happiness with a woman.

The Woman Who Loved to Make Vaginas Happy
this is about a woman sex worker who services women only. hmm, an enticing possible alternate career. of course will need a lot of practice. this is the most hilarious part really of Vagina Monologues.

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