Degree of Lezeperation

tambak labada #2.

saw this article. as i read it, i rermembered what used to be six degrees of separation. with fb and twitter though, it became four degrees of sepration (says one speaker whose name i can't remember).  then i realized that we all have some degree of separation with an LGBT. the question is by how much. read on, analysis at the bottom. =)

Josh Hutcherson Buys Heath Ledger’s Old ‘Tree House’

The two-bedroom, two-bath residence is dubbed "The Tree House" thanks to its expansive wooden decks surrounded by foliage, which gives the house a feeling of being perched in the treetops.
....the Hollywood Hills house had been listed at $2.995 million and was once owned by the late Heath Ledger.

As for the abode's history, the current owner purchased the place from Ledger's estate after his death in 2008. Ledger had bought the home in 2005 for just over $2.1 million and moved in with then-girlfriend Michelle Williams, and eventually, their daughter Matilda, until the couple broke up in 2007.

But the star lineage goes back further than Ledger. It was Ellen DeGeneres who actually sold the house to the "Brokeback Mountain" actor seven years ago. She and her wife, Portia de Rossi , eventually upgraded to a $29 million Beverly Hills estate, which they expanded with an addition and by buying two neighboring properties.

full article here.

so trying to do the lgbt degrees of separation for Josh Hutcherson and his house, i came up with this:

analysis, just one degree. if it's specific to degrees of lezeparation, it's 1 - 2 degrees. :) this is just amazing! hehe. you can try this out with yourself, your family or with your friends too. hehe.

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