What's your MIX?

The Bayo ad's been cancelled, which honestly I find nowhere near racist. Anyhoo, who says we can't continue the fun? :) here's my take, my mix.

I am 
50% fire and 50% womyn. 
50% in the closet, 50% out.
50% Bicolana and 50% Makati girl.
50% IT gal, 50% blogger.
50% train crush shooter and 50% friendly flirt.
50% drama queen, 50% fighter.
50% broke and 50% rich (with so much to share/kwento).

In this life of 50/50s and indecision, when things don't often add up, am happy to say that am homogeneously (yea, homo! Haha) 100% in love. =)

yes, 50% mushy, 50% cheesy. Hehehe. Happy TGIF, TGIG! (thank god i'm gay), TGIGAF! (thank god i'm gay and fab). 'love you ladies! :)

One of Bayo's ad:

Other parodies of the ad here: http://technogra.ph/2012/06/07/the-7-best-bayo-whats-your-mix-parodies-online

*blogging from my phone. Limited features*

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Stilettista said...

Bayo obviously did not think this through. Hehehe. Speaking from an editor's perspective, the ad has crappy grammar and horrible syntax. They need better writers. So sad, I can't be proud of a fellow Ilonggo (in this pretty isolated case).