a coup d' etat of sorts

the weekend was a coup d' etat of sorts.
political, emotional, hormonal, physical.

a sexual-political weekend with military state of rebellion as
backdrop, the peyups bisexual peeps convened at NY cafe in malate.

we were a gang of five women personally meeting for the first time.
err, atleast that what i thought.

there's a butch, a soft butch, a feeling butch, a confused bi and me,
a bi-femme. guess who's who!

after short pleasantries, and in between booze and smoke, we jumped right into the meat of our concerns, sexuality!
experiences or the lack of it, how one started, types, current 'careers',
encounters, and so on.

then we got antsy, the night was young and we just wanted to strike anywhere. with hormones raging, we headed to amnesiacs bar, where the action seems to be, venue for lezpinay EB.

upon entrance, the place was brimming with women, all types. and i have never seen as many lesbians as was there in my life!

finding a spot is a tough task. we had to brave the crowd to find a place to at least stand w/o being pushed around by people to and fro. but then again, pushing = brushing = friction = contact! good enough!

then there's the dance. and the dance+career. you can either be the picked-up or the aggressor.


Straight-ish said...

Amnesiacs Bar, does it still exist?
I haven't been to a Lez pub. What's it like? (Sorry stupid question, syempre puro Les!)
Is it fun? friendly ba mga tao? sorry, curiosity strikes me :)

firewomyn said...

@Straight-ish - I dunno. But a lot of bars have closed down already, even the mighty Government gay bar in Makati. Sad. Today, I dunno any lez bar. What usually happens is exclusive party organizers rent a venue. As far as exclusive parties go, women are all nice and nicer/naughty once drunk. haha. if you're in MNL, you should join us in exclusive parties. it'll be fun! :)

Straight-ish said...

ahh.. here it is.
I think I can yeah...
Keep me posted ha :)

firewomyn said...

@straight-ish - yey! Will surely do :)