i don't know if she's aware of it.
but she's killing me gently.
ever so slow, ever so gradual.


when does one stop hoping?
when does one say that it's finally over?

how do i begin to tell of a seeming end?
from the blossoming of a promising love?
or from the withering of the feeling?
from loving to hurting to nothing?

i love and yet i hurt.
i hurt and yet im happy.
im sane and at the same time crazy.


Purple78 said...

Naluha ako dito.

firewomyn said...

@Purple78 - ang masasabi ko lang ay, hayyy. that was first gf. my greatest love (then), my biggest heartbreak. am just glad i survived it and it's soo over now :)

Anonymous said...

from loving to hurting to nothing?
- nana