an encounter with josa

a poem for kaye and josa:

an encounter with josa

you aimed for the moon, sun and stars.
and like an answered prayer
the universe did conspire
and made josa descend from heavens afar

a goddess of true mold,
she is a beauty to behold.
so precious like gold,
with a stance so bold.

she gave you time,
shared her thoughts.

she gave you love,
offered her heart.

but after giving her all,
you changed, rejected her calls.

there is greater fear
than there is strength to love.

likle a tragedy from homer's opus,
she ascended back to olympus
heart shattered by you,
spirits broken anew.

the one with power
is not her.
the true almighty is you.

with the strength to break somebody's heart,
not the courage to love.


Purple78 said...

Aha! You were once afraid to love as well, as evidenced by this line "there is greater fear
than there is strength to love." =)

firewomyn said...

@Purple78 - Aha ka din! :D the poem was not about me, but of a friend's story (kaye to josa). i just got inspired by them. :)