Joke time

joke time muna, pampaalis ng stress.

dis made me laugh.


Red Tag

One night while she was on her way to the fifth floor to check on
her patient (she was on the basement) sumakay sya sa elevator. May
lady dun... silang dalawa lang. Then the door opened on the 3rd floor, they
saw a young girl running towards the elevator as if sasakay sya. The
doctor closed the door immediately.

Then tinanong sya nung lady ... "Doc, bakit nyo sinara? mukhang sasakay yung babae?"
The doctor replied.."I know her, she was my patient and she died yesterday."
The lady asked, "Doc, pano mo naman nalaman na patay na eh tumatakbo pa
nga?" The do ctor answered: "Did u see the red tag on her wrist?
Pag dead na ang patient, red tag na ang kinakabit sa wrist nila."
The girl replied while raising her wrist to the doctor....

"Doc, parang ganito?"

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