davao can be disorienting

1st, i have no virtual life here, no pc! waaah!
2nd, cabs have no aircon
3rd, cab drivers give back your change down to the last centavo! neat!
4th, i have a bathtub in my hotel room! hay sarap!
5th, i sleep here damn too early! as in 10pm, beat that!
6th, no smoking in public places! walang bangketa to buy yosi. grabe, hirap!
7th, food is always superb! shempre, hotel food e, saka resto foodies
8th, it's always rainy duing the afternoon to night. gosh! im always wet here.

with the presence of two cuties, my bi-tendencies are being activated! as in toot!toot!toot! in red flashing lights. har!har!har!

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Ga said...

Unang entry that got my attention. Thiz iz it!
The rest is history...