Work and Fun

just finished a major task in my flash actionscripting project.
whew! what a day!
it's been rough and tough!
and i've had enough!
kaya uuwi na ko!

naks! partida yan ha, nakuha ko pang magrhyme !

da truth of da matter is, nde ko naman mashadong kinarir ang project ko. kasi i was able to watch tomb raider kaninang 8pm sa megamall.
being a film buff, i just can't resist not watching it on the first screening day.

the verdict?! angelina jolie is the only saving grace in the 'film'.

commercial: accdg to my film instructor, u use d term 'film' to refer to its artistic sense, and 'movie' for its commercial value.

the action scenes are too fantabulous bordering improbability
get my drift? in other words, not realistic.
to game lovers, some moves were close to how they were executed in the game. but the storyline is a far cry from the twists and puzzles in the playstation version.

some scenes look soooo familiar you'd wonder if this is a collage collaboration.

there's the scene in an African forest that seems to be a spin-off of the LOTR2 Fangorn setting where the trees were alive and walking.

A taste of Mummy2 is also seen at the very end, where there's a black, acidic(?) body of water that keeps the so called Pandora's Box afloat, and liquefies the antagonist to death.

And what the hell is Snape (of Harry Potter) doing in Croft Manor?!

Imagine this, knocking off a huge shark with your human fist?!
Well Lara Croft did! How out of this world can she get.
Heck! Lara Croft is not in this world!

Her breasts though look natural this time. It may not be as true to form or should I say as large as 36D of the original Lara Croft, but at least they don't look awkward as Jolie perform her stunts!

Well, enough of the tomb raider bashing! I still love Angelina Jolie despite this. Hope to see her 'acting' again!

My bed's missing me and we need to spend some quality time together.


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